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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in my business! I am a certified Health and Life Empowerment Coach.

My life has been nothing short of beautiful and hard as hell! As a result of all that experience I made a pact with the "universe" to share my journey as a means to give "light to the dark & spark change" where hope has been lost! It is truly empowering to watch individuals face their challenges and transform them into beautiful life strengths and accomplishments.

I am a longtime successful entrepreneur, mother of three beautiful children, wife to a wonderful husband of over 28 years, fierce auntie and friend to many! It is through my previous life battles that I have gained my experience and it is the victory out of those struggles that has made me the powerful healer & coach that stands here before you today!

It has been such a journey to find my sacred place within myself! Every day is an adventure and I am committed to helping you find your sacred place and space in this world your living in!

Finding me here today is no mistake, we have been called to share paths for a reason! Trust in the process and allow me to hold the sacred space for your healing, your growth and your transformation!

Areas I can help you transform are:

  • Healthy Nutrition
  • Body Image Integration
  • Eating for Energy
  • Eating for Wellness
  • Life Empowerment
  • Transforming Grief
  • Transforming Anxiety
  • Relaxation Release
  • Manifesting Money
  • Manifesting Love
  • Manifesting Change
  • And so much more! 

It would be my honour to work alongside you on your journey. 

Looking forward to connecting,


Holistic Health & Life Coaching Mentoring & Group Facilitator


I am so very excited to be able to share my teachings and programs with the world. My certification & knowledge as a Life & Health Empowerment Coach in combination with my life experience allows me a full portfolio of healings to introduce you too!  Each session, workshop, online program or transformational circle is created to open the space for your expansion in mind, body and spirit.

As an aboriginal healing facilitator I am honoured to provide you with an even deeper spiritual healing experience then you will encounter elsewhere. I come from a long line of Aboriginal Healers and Medicine Women and I take great pride in weaving their generational magic within my  teachings.

All one on one coaching sessions are held in a secure online conference room or phone to allow you the opportunity to literally take me with you wherever you go! It is private and confidential always!

I currently run a weekly my exclusive Soul 2 Soul Moon Series workshops monthly. The New Moon Intention Circle runs monthly from 7-9 pm at the start of every month and The Full Moon Cleansing Circle runs monthly around the 2nd last week of the month, this is a 1.5 hr release circle!

As an aboriginal women we have been gathering in Circle for years! I myself have been facilitating Sacred Circles for over 10 years personally. In my culture being in circle represents commitment to togetherness, unity, community and becoming ONE! In this powerful Soul 2 Soul Moon Series we dive deep into my roots as an Ojibwe women and honor the aboriginal teachings of my medicine wheel, the 4 elemental teachings and Grandmother Moon. The power of the Moon Cycle teachings is of benefit to tap into on its own as it truly does offer amazing opportunities to root into the cycles of your life. And finally when you connect with these energies you can then truly empower your goddess within and awaken your own divine feminine power!

Lastly, I am so excited to share with you the vulnerability and awareness that comes with my self discovery programs... There is always room for making shifts in your life, and I truly enjoy being your support as you do it!

I am so excited to meet you!


Empowerment, Awakening, Healing & Transformation


Have you heard the saying "Gather your tribe, grow your vibe"? We are the support, the sisterhood and the tribe you are looking for!

Awaken is an online community network & tribal membership circle that offers you a variety of empowerment teachings, magical transformational offerings, wellness & life coachings and that offers a variety of teachings, podcasts, monthly gathering circles and support to fully embrace the power of your soul!

Each month we will explore brand new teachings and shares that will expand, empower, cleanse, heal & educate ourselves. We will dive deep into all the ways to honor our spirit, honor our families, honor our careers , honor our bodies and fully commit to a life of fullness & expansion!

We talk about life here! We have no judgement, we just show up with the intention of being real! We learn from each other and we above all... hold love, support and sisterhood for each other!

How does it work:

Portal One is Open Now!:

Monthly cost is $25.00

**Act Now Before it Closes...Membership will be confirmed and access granted to Groups & Teachings with a special Kick Off Circle in June 2019!

What you can expect to receive monthly in Membership:

  • Sacred Oracle Reading
  • Wellness Self Awareness Session
  • Monthly Moon Circles Ritual Session
  • Spotlight Teaching Sessions
  • Group Empowerment  Circles
  • Workshop Program Discounts
  • Q&A Mentorship Session
  • Lifestyle & Wellness Podcasts
  • Meditation & Activation MP3's
  • Community Support & Networking

I cannot wait to see you all in Membership Circle!

This has been a long time dream to hold space and activate empowerment in the world and this is the best way for me to reach you all in your own sacred space!

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